Advertising is important to the marketing of your law firm, but not all advertising is equally effective. In these competitive times, you cannot afford to waste your resources making any advertising mistakes, so I’m going to share with you “The 5 Biggest Advertising Mistakes Lawyers Make” so you can avoid them – and prosper.

1. Most ads are not meaningful. In just one day, your prospective client sees more than 5,000 ads, so your ad must be unique enough to catch attention.

2. Mass advertising is expensive. When you advertise, you need to obey the Law of 7 Touches. It takes exposing your ad to your prospective client 7 times before he or she is willing to do business with you. So you have a tremendous up-front cost. Added to that, you should expect to receive, in revenue, a minimum of 5 times of what you spend.

3. Ads are not effective in encouraging people to “take action.” And that’s what counts: the action your prospect takes to do business with you. Without that, your money and time is wasted.

4. Most law firms lack follow-up systems. You may have designed a great ad, it’s precisely targeted and people respond. But then, nothing happens. Nothing happens because you lack a system to follow up with the leads that come from your ad campaign. And the money is in the follow-up.

5. No tracking of real results. This is just as bad as not having a follow-up system. Without tracking real results, you have no idea what works and what doesn’t. And that means you’re likely burning through cash without much to show for it.

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