A senior analyst with the digital intelligence firm eMarketer gave a presentation recently on the Top 10 Trends in Social Media for 2011.  Here are the first five:

Trend #1:  4 of 5 Companies Will Use Social Media in 2011
Changing consumer usage patterns make social media a must for marketers.  Facebook is now the fourth largest website in the U.S. and still growing.  Six out of 10 Internet users worldwide belong to a social network. 

Trend #2:  8 in 10 Companies Will Increase Their Spending on Social Media
There will be a large growth in online video production as consumer interest continues to grow in this medium.

Trend #3:  Social Media Will Be an Integral Part of Marketing Planning
The more experienced companies get with social media, the more they realize the need to integrate it into their business models.  Marketing and PR departments lead, with customer service and sales not far behind.

Trend #4:  Traditional Media Spend Will Drop
As marketers spend more on social media, dollars allocated to traditional forms of advertising is falling.  Social media is estimated to rival email marketing for budget increases.

Trend #5:  Dollars Spent on Search Go To Facebook, LinkedIn
Currently, Facebook gets almost 25 percent of all display ad impressions.  In 2011, social media advertising will be the top paid search priority for advertisers.


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