Here is an advertisement placed by Indiana attorneys Calvin Fletcher and J.A. Breckenridge in the Indianapolis Gazette, which ran in 1822:

Which goes to show that legal marketing can be done incorrectly no matter what the medium – a fact that may have been a bit lost on the author of a recent ABA Journal article with the titillating title, Seduced: For Lawyers, the Appeal of Social Media Is Obvious. It’s Also Dangerous.  

Seduced?  Dangerous?  As in, run for your lives?  Puhleeze.

The article does a thoughtful job of pointing up some of the dilemmas attorneys can face when diving into social media.  But as I’ve said before, social media should be no more consternation-causing than any other form of legal marketing.  There are rules.  You follow them.  No matter what the medium.

Or, as NYU Law School legal ethics professor Stephen Gillers said in the article, "Many of the rules are at a high-enough level that they can be applied to new technology without revision."


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