Many law firms make the mistake of using their legal websites to bog down visitors with facts and figures about their achievements. Visitors to attorney websites are there to find a lawyer who solves their problems, not to read a long list of accomplishments. Successful law firm marketing always relies on the simple principle: make the legal website about the client; not about YOU. 

Legal websites are a great way to generate leads. In order to attract the right kind of leads, however, you must use law firm marketing strategies to make your legal website a place qualified leads want to visit repeatedly. By using your online presence to enhance your client’s experience with your firm’s legal website, you will begin building a strong relationship. You must use proven law firm marketing techniques to capture your target audience’s attention and leave them wanting more.

One of the easiest and best ways to enhance your client’s experience of your legal website is by making useful information available like a free special report or eBook. This information can be offered in different formats; posting interesting articles on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to keep clients visiting your legal website.

Another very effective form of law firm marketing is to offer free audio or video feeds on your legal website. Whatever information you convey to your clients must be interesting, informative and current if you expect your attorney marketing techniques to work. Be certain any information you share is well written, free of errors, as well as clear and concise. Do not use legal jargon to communicate with prospects.

Some law firms make the critical mistake of concentrating their legal marketing efforts on getting prospects to visit – just once. They miss the mark completely if they expect their legal website to be an effective marketing tool without providing compelling reasons for clients to return consistently and repeatedly. Successful attorney marketing relies on building a solid relationship with clients. Firms that clearly understand attorney marketing requires time and consistent effort are likely to be successful. 

Other ways to enhance your client’s experience at your legal website include: Offering an e-newsletter packed with powerful information that will grab and keep their attention. Creating a free "eBook" and having it available at your legal website is also a good way to keep prospects coming back. If you or any member of your firm has written articles or books, you can use these as legal marketing tools by including a link on your legal website so clients can view or purchase the materials.


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