One of the features of the new Facebook Pages update that will be implemented on March 30 is that brands will be able to receive and respond to private messages from fans. Turning on the Messages feature on a Facebook Fan Page enables brands to communicate with fans (potential clients, referrals or current clients) in a more private arena, and provides an opportunity for much deeper fan engagement.

A few months ago, social enterprise software company Buddy Media conducted research on the most effective engagement tactics for retailers marketing on Facebook. There are some lessons for all businesses in the results:

1. The best time to post on Facebook is between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. if you want to increase the number of comments and “likes” your posts receive.

2. The best days to post on Facebook are Wednesdays and Sundays; the worst is Friday.

3. Don’t post more than twice a day.

4. Don’t post more than four times a week.

5. Keep it simple – posts with 80 characters or less enjoy 66 percent higher engagement rates.


6. Create a dialogue by asking questions.

7. “Fill in the blank” posts generate 9x as many comments as other posting strategies – Coke uses these to good effect on their page.


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