Ready or not, here it comes: Facebook is changing everyone over to its new Facebook Pages design as of March 30  — and, as with most change, there’s going to be some period of adjustment, so take some time to review the Facebook Pages tutorial.

Probably the biggest eyebrow-raiser for law firm marketing folks is the Facebook landing tabs we’ve used as default destinations for visitors are gone. Starting at the end of this month, everyone who visits your Facebook page will land in the same place, on your Timeline page. So let’s examine how this can be used to enhance your branding.

First, the cover photo will dominate your page. Facebook is not going to allow you to put up any promotional messages or website addresses or calls-to-action or contact info. You will now need to rely on imagery to state your case about who you are, so don’t be afraid to get creative – for example, this is how Coke is handling their new page:

Under the cover photo you’ll find an About box that lets you succinctly explain exactly what it is you do. It is now much more prominent than in the old layout, so make it work for you. You can list your contact info here as this attorney has done.

The Custom Tabs and Apps to the right of the About box is where you can really promote your practice. You can organize each of the elements in any way you want – the only element you can’t move is the Photos box. You can have a custom tab for your videos, for your e-books and free reports, for testimonials, for everything you use to market your firm – you just can’t set them to be your landing page. But you will have lots more space now, and up to 12 tabs at your disposal.

When it comes to content, Facebook is now organizing all your posts by time – the good news is that if you want a post to stay at the top for a longer period of time, you can now “pin” it there – hover over the pencil tool and click on the post and click on “Pin to top”. 

You can also highlight more important posts – like your blog content – by clicking on the star icon that pops up when you hover over the post, which changes the dimension of that post to full length on the page. 

Success with this new format relies heavily on relevant brand imagery and succinct content that entices visitors. If you need some help with your Facebook presence or other social media marketing challenges, email me at


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