In school, everyone knew who the cool kids were, the leaders who influenced what you wore and how you talked and even how you thought.

Life is not so very much different now than it was then. Except now, we call them “industry leaders” or SuperLawyers. And you find them all over social media, extending the reach of their influence to vast audiences.

So how do you grab a piece of this action? 

The most important thing in building your reputation online is to know your target market. Then, you focus on the social media networks that reach that market. The infographic below does a good job of helping you figure that out:

Facebook: By far the largest social media network with 845 million users, Facebook appeals to a young demographic, skewing slightly more male than female. Good targets for DUI attorneys.

Twitter: Does it surprise you to see that the largest age group on Twitter is 31-49?   Twitter is great for driving people to your blog or published articles on topics they care about.

LinkedIn: Audience demographics are pretty well split between men and women, and skewing slightly older, with 35-44 and 45-54 the two largest age groups on LinkedIn. This site allows you to post and link to your blog and articles, and join groups to spread your influence far and wide.

Google+: Predominantly tech-savvy male users; Google+ lets you organize your contacts into “circles” to help you target different content to different interest groups. 


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