Did that headline grab you? It certainly did me when I saw this infographic from an India-based social media marketing firm:

The point is, that to be effective, blogs need to grab and hold the attention of your readers. Blogs hold a unique position in the online media landscape because they have become an accepted source of information. Here are some tips on how to successfully grow your blog:

Engage with other online communities. Become known on other relevant blogs by contributing valuable content to pick up audiences for your own blog.

Write about what you know. If you are passionate about your law practice, share it.

Provide engaging content. Be the spark that starts smart conversations online.

Answer questions. Solicit feedback and keep the conversation going.

Offer real value. Dive deep into your subject matter to keep readers wanting more.

Create content to match needs. Speak to your target market in your blog about the legal issues that concern them.

Make readers feel good. If someone posts a thoughtful comment, respond to it with appreciation. If you disagree, do so gracefully.

Give more than you get. Offer readers something of value like a free e-book or newsletter subscription. Post on a regular schedule so your readers are always getting something new from you.


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