Last week, LinkedIn announced that it would be rolling out new content marketing and reporting features for its Company Pages that allows businesses to more directly target their content and see who is following their posts:

Targeted Updates – this new feature will allow you to choose whether your update goes to all followers or a targeted audience. You will be able to segment your followers by industry, company size, job function, seniority and geography. You can also choose to include or eliminate your own employees from receiving the update. Plus, 24 hours after your update is posted, you will be able to see metrics for your post, including number of impressions, clicks, shares and engagement statistics.

Follower Statistics – adds a new layer of reporting on your followers, including demographics, engagement levels, update impressions, total following, recent followers and monthly reporting on new followers. 

Here’s a short video from LinkedIn that explains these updates:

These new features are being slowly rolled out to all LinkedIn Company Page users over the next few months, so stay tuned.

Earlier this month, LinkedIn made it easier for you to choose which LinkedIn groups to participate in with Group Search. A simple keyword search will show you which groups each person in your network is already participating in, making it easier to decide on the most relevant groups for your practice.


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