Ever hear of long-tail keywords? Even if you’re new to the search engine optimization (SEO) game, you may have heard the term but are not really sure what it means. 

If you know what a keyword is – a search term that people use to find you on the Internet – then a long-tail keyword is just a more specific search term, like “Dallas DUI lawyer”. As this graphic illustrates, long-tail keywords now account for 70% of searches:

Long-tail keywords are usually at least three words long and deliver more targeted traffic to your website, which in turn means better conversion rates.   There is also less competition for long-tail keywords, so your site is likely to rank higher for those specific keywords than others that just use the term “lawyer” or “attorney”.

More and more people are using longer search phrases to find what they need – like “what to do if you are in a car accident” or “how to find a good divorce attorney in Santa Ana”. If your website includes these phrases, it is more likely it will appear near the top of search results for prospects you want to contact you.

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