Today, the Pew Research Center released a report on how Americans consume news on their mobile devices, finding that half of all U.S. adults now use a smartphone or tablet device to connect to the Internet – and 66% of those use these devices to get their news.

This is a huge sea-change in how we consume news! And its ramifications for attorneys who blog, engage in social media and market themselves online has never been larger. 

We are not just checking headlines, either – 78% of mobile device users read more than one in-depth article during a sitting and the articles they are reading are mostly (90%) for personal use:

Consumption of news articles on mobile devices usually comes from content that was shared on social media sites or via email. A majority (60%) use a browser to acquire their news, which increases the need for attorneys to step up their SEO game even more than ever before. Your content needs to be mobile-friendly, meaning no PDFs or content that is not formatted properly for mobile devices. 

The consumption of all information is moving rapidly to mobile, and your law firm marketing must follow to remain relevant.


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