Legal websites are a great way to generate leads, but only if you make your law firm website a place qualified leads want to visit repeatedly.

Some law firms make the critical mistake of concentrating their legal marketing efforts on getting prospects to visit – just once. They miss the mark completely if they expect their legal website to be an effective marketing tool without providing compelling reasons for clients to return consistently and repeatedly.

By using your online presence to enhance a prospect’s experience with your firm, you will begin building a strong relationship. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making useful information available via a free special report or eBook. This information can be offered in different formats; posting interesting articles on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to keep clients visiting your legal website.

If you or any member of your firm has written articles or books, you can also use these as legal marketing tools by including a link on your legal website so clients can view or purchase the materials.

Another effective method is to offer free video feeds on your website, specifically addressing issues of importance to prospects. Whatever information you convey to them must be interesting, informative and free of legal jargon.

You should also consider offering a free e-newsletter subscription that will furnish prospects with monthly emails from you that are packed with powerful information that keeps prospects engaged with you.

Successful law firm marketing always relies on one simple principle: make it about the client, not about YOU. 

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