This job application from Craigslist was in a post yesterday on the Above the Law website under the title: Saddest Job Application You’ll Read Today:

How many attorneys can identify with the poster’s lament that he is locked into a “small area with few jobs and an over saturation of lawyers”? I’d venture to guess, a lot.

And unfortunately for this guy and lots of other lawyers like him, law firms are just not in a hiring mode these days. Instead, layoffs are the norm. Those succeeding as solo practitioners are having to find a way to compete just like any other business, using law firm marketing techniques to differentiate themselves and carve out a niche for their services.

The best way to remain employable is to build a thriving book of business, and the best way to do that is learn how to run a legal services business, not just practice law.

Creating and managing a successful legal services business is what we teach at the Rainmaker Retreat, our two-day law firm marketing intensive workshop.  Among the many things attorneys learn there are:

  • Over 65 different marketing techniques that are proven to work in a real world environment.
  • The 5 critical numbers you need to be tracking in your law firm and how to measure your Return On Investment (ROI) for all your marketing efforts.
  • The core concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing for attorneys and how to create a dominant position on the Internet.
  • Specific tools to automate your marketing system and “fix your follow up” to increase your conversion rates from prospects to paying clients.
  • Advanced Internet marketing strategies for lawyers.
  • A Rainmaker Social Media Blueprint to help you fully leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Avvo and JDSupra to develop new leads.
  • Learning from dozens of real world case studies of how attorneys have gone from a good 6-figure practice to a great “7-figure lifestyle law firm.”
  • How to focus your money on the most effective marketing strategies based on your specific practice area.
  • Creating a written Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that will guide your law firm’s efforts and provide specific goals for your team to achieve in the next 6 months
  • A realistic idea of how much money it will take to effectively market your law firm
  • Building a network of other attorneys across the country who are dedicated to building a 7 figure lifestyle law firm
  • Understanding how to utilize the 7 Rainmaker tools for generating more referrals and repeat business from current and former clients.

Here are the dates for upcoming Rainmaker Retreat sessions in the first quarter:

February 15-16, 2013 – Orlando, FL

March 15-16, 2013 – Newport Beach, CA

To register, call 888-588-5891 or visit


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