We always keep track of the questions we get from attorneys are our Rainmaker Retreat two-day law firm marketing intensive. First, it gives me an opportunity to stay current on the issues that are top-of-mind with you; second, it allows me to share some more universal Q&As in hopes that our blog readers will benefit as well.

At our Las Vegas Rainmaker Retreat last weekend, one of the questions that seemed to elicit the most note-taking from the audience was:

What’s a good way to get people to give me a testimonial?

Here’s my answer:

It depends on your practice area, but timing can be very important. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney, you might want to ask for the testimonial when your client comes in to pick up their settlement check.  This is when the client will be the happiest. The case has been closed and they are getting a check.

If you practice in other areas of the law, you can still pick a good time when your client is pleased with your work. That’s the time to ask.

You also need to make it easy for people to give you a testimonial. Let your client know why a testimonial is important for you! Make it part of your process, like an exit interview.  Guide the prospect with questions so you can get strong testimonials. Position the testimonials as “before” and “after” scenarios. These are powerful.

Also, if you squirm at just the thought of asking for a testimonial, then don’t be the one to ask. Have your administrative assistant or paralegal or associate do the asking as part of your closing-the-case process.


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