A post at Hubspot today summarized the benefits of press releases for law firm marketing:

1. Quick dissemination of information and online access for media.  Getting your press release picked up by as many publications or websites as possible is your main objective and Hubspot research shows that timing plays an important role. Your release is more likely to receive maximum viewership online if it is released over the weekend; media views spike during the weekend as well.

2. Helps build links. Coverage spurred by press releases tends to create inbound links back to your website. Be sure to include your primary keywords in the release.

3. Makes it easier for journalists to cover you.  Having all the information you want media to know in one place makes it easier for journalists to cover you. Include company information as well as presentations and relevant research data with your releases.

4. Puts you in charge of your messaging. Press releases provide a way for you to disseminate a unified message to everyone – journalists, clients, prospects, bloggers, social media, etc. Other content creators can draw upon one message: yours.

5. Provides content for other channels.   A press release provides content for your other law firm marketing channels, including your website, your blog and your social media networks. Including photos and videos increases engagement significantly – a bump of 18% for photos and 55% for videos.


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