A recent post at Entrepreneur.com picked the brain of LinkedIn’s senior manager of corporate communications to discover some of the common mistakes she sees companies making on LinkedIn every day. Could your law firm be making any of these mistakes?

  1. Not following competitors. 
  2. Firm partners and associates with incomplete profiles.
  3. Not sharing the right information at the right time. Mornings are the best time to post and you should add links and include calls-to-action in your posts.
  4. Your employees are not sharing information with each other. One of them could have a connection in a company whose business you’re trying to land.
  5. No LinkedIn share button on your law firm website to share content.
  6. You don’t list specifics about your areas of practice.
  7. You don’t have any LinkedIn groups for your clients.
  8. You don’t participate in group discussions.
  9. You don’t use the legal apps.
  10. You don’t use the mobile apps.

LinkedIn has hit the 200 million-member mark and continues to grow as the leading B2B social networking site. Many of your current clients and lots of prospects are on LinkedIn and if you’re not using it to connect with them, you are missing a great opportunity to generate quality leads for your law firm.


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