I like to give our blog readers a download every now and then from our monthly Rainmaker Retreat sessions since it’s probably more than likely what is on the minds of the attorneys who attend is on your minds as well. 

Here are some of the Q&As from our Newport Beach Rainmaker Retreat last weekend:

How should I handle quoting a fee?

There are a few approaches to this and you will have to see what works best for you depending on your practice area and geographical region. However, setting appropriate expectations and being transparent is key. If you ever use the phrase “it depends” in your answer, that automatically needs to be followed up with “and the biggest factors it depends on are….”

Make sure to know several factors that impact your fees. For example, if you are a divorce attorney, some of the common circumstances that will make a case’s price increase are:

1.     If kids are involved

2.     If there are multiple real estate properties

3.     If the divorce is contested

4.     If there is a business asset

Know the factors that impact your case fees and articulate that clearly to those you are talking to about pricing.

How can I incrementally increase the value of the personal injury cases I get?

There is no one perfect strategy to increase the value of your cases, but there are several strategies that can work.

First, take the best outcome you’ve ever had with the biggest case you’ve ever taken on and market that story over and over again. It will help you leverage the perception that you are the type of firm and attorney who can and does handle “bigger cases.” 

It’s also powerful to network with the firms/attorneys that take really big cases, because the truth is they come across cases all the time that are not a good fit for their firm or that don’t make sense financially for the firm to take on.

For example, if a huge law firm only deals with cases that have a million or more at stake, if a case comes in that is worth $150,000, they will need to refer it out. You could be that firm/attorney they refer to.

If I’m a business-to-business attorney what are the two best social media platforms for me to be on?

According to recent data, business-to-business companies who engage prospects, clients and referral partners through blogs and LinkedIn generate potential clients.  Social media is constantly changing, but if you are a business-to-business attorney, it’s key to have a blog and a LinkedIn account. However, you can’t just have an account and a blog and not actively use them or use them incorrectly.

There are rules of engagement for social media. If used correctly, they can grow a big following for you and drive those individuals to your website, which can then move the prospect further along the decision-making process. If used incorrectly, it can be a totally ineffective strategy that wastes your time, energy and money.

Here’s some direct feedback from last weekend’s Rainmaker Retreat attendees:

“I attended the Retreat in 2009. The techniques I implemented transformed my practice. I returned for updates and wasn’t disappointed. If you want completely substantive, cutting-edge marketing knowledge for your firm, this is the seminar to attend.” – R. Boulgourjian, Real Estate/Bankruptcy Attorney, Glendale, CA

“Focus, focus, focus! Stephen Fairley’s Rainmaker Retreat taught how to focus on taking law practices to a much higher profitable and satisfying level. I highly recommend it.” – B. Dennis, Estate Planning Attorney, Newport Beach, CA

“Invaluable program! If I am able to implement even a fraction of what I learned at this seminar, I believe it will transform my practice. Well worth my investment of time and money!” – T. Kirby, Family Law/Bankruptcy Attorney, Mesa, AZ

Here are our upcoming Rainmaker Retreat sessions:

  • April 5-6, 2013 – Dallas, TX
  • May 3-4, 2013 – Scottsdale, AZ
  • May 31-June 1, 2013 – New York City
  • July 19-20, 2013 – San Diego, CA
  • August 16-17, 2013 – Las Vegas, NV
  • September 20-21, 2013 – San Francisco, CA

Go to www.rainmakerretreat.com or call 888-588-5891 to register now.