The 2013 Search Marketer Survey just released from global Enterprise SEO company BrightEdge shows that social sharing and local search will be even more important this year than last year for page rank.

The study found that Facebook shares had the greatest impact on Google results, and also found that Facebook comments were also a highly ranked factor. This data correlates with a Searchmetrics study last year that found social signals accounted for 5 of the top 6 highest Google ranking factors.

The types of content leading search marketers are focused on in 2013 are reflected in this chart from the report:

And these are the top 10 key takeaways for SEO practices in 2013:

  1. Mobile and tablet search is the next frontier
  2. Local search is bigger than ever
  3. Video offers search and social opportunities
  4. It’s time to quantify and communicate SEO value
  5. ROI across multiple channels like search and social is what truly matters
  6. The C-level is paying more attention to SEO
  7. SEO metrics need to keep up with SERP changes as they happen
  8. Social for SEO is big; so is SEO for Social
  9. Content Marketing is back, and in a big way
  10. Page-centric SEO makes its mark


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