Last weekend I was in Dallas for a Rainmaker Retreat and thought I would share with you a couple of questions that were asked that reflect some common fears that many attorneys share when it comes to social media and following up with prospects:

I’m scared if I get involved in social media that some people will have negative things to say…

Social media can’t be controlled but you can actively manage it so you can ensure your reputation continues to be strong. It is all in how you handle negative reviews and comments. Address them in respectful ways that show others you sincerely care about your clients’ experiences and outcomes. If you work hard to make a dissatisfied individual happy, you are making a statement to clients and prospects that they will be taken care of.

When someone has something negative to say it is often a huge opportunity to take an honest look at what they are saying and see if that aspect of your business or process needs to improve. If so, the negative feedback is really a blessing. You can’t manage what you don’t know, so hearing the good, bad and ugly can help you improve your firm tremendously.

I don’t want to bother someone by calling them more than once….

One of the biggest errors an attorney can make is not following up persistently after someone calls into the firm and inquires about services. People are busy and sometimes no matter how much someone wants to move forward with something, life just sweeps them away and it gets placed on the back burner. Remember they have a legal issue that needs to be handled. This can be scary and intimidating and quite possibly something they want to put their head in the sand over and ignore. As the professional it is your responsible to communicate with them and get them to take action. Call a minimum of 5-7 times before giving up. Of course an attorney should delegate this follow up.

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