The LexBlog Network has released its fifth annual State of the AmLaw 200 Blogosphere report, which finds that blogs are now the norm rather than the exception among AmLaw 200 firms.

Among the findings for 2012:

78% of AmLaw 200 firms have one or more blogs, an increase of 297% since 2007.

The 156 AmLaw 200 firms that blog produce an average of four blogs per firm.

Firms with blogs improved their gross revenues at a greater rate than firms without blogs.

Blogs on employment law dominate among AmLaw 200 blogs.

Firms without blogs slipped almost a full spot in revenue rankings on average.

This graphic from the report illustrates the dramatic increase in AmLaw 200 firm blogs:

As the report notes, law firms appear to have caught up with other professions in using blogs and social media for marketing purposes and law firms that blog “are no longer perceived as being ahead of the curve; instead, those without blogs are now the outliers.”


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