If a prospect connects with you or downloads your free special report online, they have a reason for doing so…and it’s likely because they have a legal problem and they are hoping you can help them solve it.

However, most of them are not ready to sign on the dotted line…at least not yet. You must be persistent in your follow-up with them.

I subscribe to a number of blogs and e-newsletters and learn so much from being on the receiving end. Some come like clockwork – a few have been sending me follow-up emails about once a week or so for years.

How is that possible you ask—well, quite simply it’s because they have a “follow-up system” in place that does most of the work for them.

Do these constant emails ever bother me? Nope. Do I read them all? Nope. But they have enough good information that I want to stay on the list; otherwise, I might miss something useful.

You shouldn’t worry about upsetting people by following up with them too frequently. Please! As the saying goes, if you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. There’s always a nice little button at the bottom of each email that I can use to easily opt-out at any time I want.

While I have never met many of the people I follow, I feel like I kind of know them….which is precisely the reason why you should keep in touch with prospects on a consistent basis. When you consistently communicate with prospects and give them practical, relevant information, you build the “know, like and trust” factors that can lead to business for you down the road when they are ready to buy.

Many attorneys make the mistake of being “faceless” to their prospects and clients. Most people don’t want to work with, and will never fully trust, a stuffed shirt hiding behind a fancy suit.

Don’t be afraid to show prospects a little bit of your personality. It can be a great attraction to the kinds of clients you want to work with and a tool for repulsing the kind of prospects you don’t enjoy working with.  

And never stop following up with prospects! As attorneys who attend our 2-day law firm marketing seminar know, you follow up with prospects until they DIE, BUY or UNSUBSCRIBE!


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