If you have more referral business than you can handle, you are obviously doing something right. But if you want and need more referrals and they aren’t coming to you, maybe you are doing something wrong.

Here are 10 Reasons You Don’t Get Referrals:

No goal. Have you set a specific goal for a specific number of referrals as part of your law firm marketing plan? If not, you’re just going down the same old road with no map.

No gratitude. Have you thanked your referral sources and kept in touch, just to say “hi?” Do you thank people online who say nice things about you?

No response. Have you been tardy about responding to a referral? 

No engagement. Are you engaging potential referrals on your social networking sites, or do you just leave sales messages? Your goal is to engage, not to sell.

No reaction. If someone comments on your blog, do you respond? Then follow-up with an email to further the discussion.

No participation. Don’t just join the social networks, participate. Comment on other people’s posts and encourage a conversation.

No request. If you don’t ask for a referral, chances are pretty good that you won’t get one. Encourage everyone you communicate with through email or e-newsletter or on your social sites to tell a friend about you and your services.

No staying power. Keep in touch with past and current clients, even if they are not currently shopping for an attorney. You never know when they may need you, so staying top of mind is important.

No reciprocity. When it comes to referrals, do you give as good as you get? 

No personality. Let your true self shine through in everything you do. People do business with people they like.


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