I am in Long Beach today for the State Bar of California Solo & Small Firm Summit, giving 4 separate talks today and tomorrow on creating a lifestyle law firm and social media marketing strategies for law firms.

Here are five rules that every solo practitioner and small firm should know about social media; use them to guide your efforts:

Put out great content. The quality of the content you provide is directly reflective of the quality of your law practice. When you put something out on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, it needs to be something your prospects and followers find valuable. If you’re posting or retweeting another’s content – which is perfectly fine – make sure it meets your criteria for providing value as well.

Engage.  If someone posts or comment or response, be sure you respond in kind. You have to give as well as you get.

Focus. Specializing in your area of practice helps you build trust and authority, so focus in on messages that reflect what your practice is about.

Be real. Write for those you want as clients, not for other attorneys. Let your personality come through in your posts.

Learn the culture. Each social media network has a different culture, and the most successful marketers know how to use it to their advantage. In general, focusing in on two social media networks is generally a good idea for most practitioners – figure out where your target market spends most of their time and be there.


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