While handling marketing all by yourself can be rewarding, we have found in our experience working with over 9,000 attorneys, that it is difficult keeping up with the latest research and implementing best practices in marketing of what is working for your practice area this year. Many attorneys falsely believe they are saving money by handling most or all of their marketing efforts. 

However, we have found this is actually the most expensive way to do marketing. Think about this-how much do you charge per hour? $200? $300? $400? More? If you charge only $200 per hour for your expertise and it takes you only one hour to research, write, and post a 300-400 word article on your blog then that one blog post "cost" your business $200!

If you do that 20 times every month, which is the best practice according to the latest research, that means you are spending $4,000 per month or $48,000 per year just on blogging! 

Certainly you can find or hire a full-time writer for less than that. Some business strategy experts would even go further and say it actually cost you twice as much because not only is it taking an hour of your billable time but that was an hour that you weren’t charging to a client. Either way, that’s a huge expense.

If an attorney came to you and said they are launching a brand new practice area and expected to reach a high level of expertise in that practice area within a few months but were only planning to invest a few hours each week learning about the new practice area, you would probably question either their intellect or their commitment to proficiency. 

Why would you think it’s any different when it comes to marketing your law firm? It takes years of dedication working with hundreds of different attorneys, running test after test, and trying dozens of different marketing techniques with different practice areas, to truly become an expert attorney marketer! I would propose that it’s not something you can truly achieve an expertise in by practicing a few hours a week, any more than you can become an expert litigator by reading a John Grisham novel.

There are certain activities that you, and only you, as the owner or Managing Partner of your law firm must do. I will talk about those on the next post.


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