Today I am giving a live webinar sponsored by the Illinois Bar Association on business building strategies for attorneys – this webinar is available to everyone to watch at your convenience (see below for On Demand Seminar: The 5 Best Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2013).

Before you begin implementing any marketing strategies, you need to develop a Unique Competitive Advantage that helps you communicate to prospects the reasons why they should buy from you. Because law firm is so competitive today, your law firm marketing strategy should plainly differentiate your company from your competitors.

To discover how to position yourself and your products and services to formulate your UCA, you need to find out:

  • The top 5 reasons why a prospect should buy from you versus your competition
  • Your competition’s weaknesses and how you can take advantage of them
  • Why you are the best choice for your prospective client
  • What you offer – exclusive products, better service, etc. – that prospects can’t get elsewhere
  • What attracts clients to your competitors
  • How you can find the best people possible to help you succeed

To create your Unique Competitive Advantage (UCA), you should focus on:

Benefits – what do you do better than your competitors?

Value – what value do you provide that others do not?

Results – what do you do that helps achieve better results for your clients?

Solutions – do you have unique solutions to a client’s problems?

Service – how would your clients describe the way they are treated?

Specialty – do you specialize in a service or product that your competitors do not?

Credibility – why are you a more credible resource than the competition?

Visibility – how do clients find you and are you leveraging all your opportunities for discovery?

When you develop a solid UCA, you obtain what you need to implement a sound law firm marketing strategy that tells a client why they should buy from you.


On-Demand Seminar: The 5 Best Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2013

Are you tired of seeing other attorneys land all the good clients?

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Knowing which legal marketing strategies are working in today’s economy gives you a huge advantage. Implementing the correct business development strategies allows you to spend less money and get better results faster!

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  • How to use online tools to generate more offline referrals
  • 3 keys all the best law firms are using to turn more website browsers into buyers
  • 2 critical numbers you must track every month to measure your success
  • Specific ways to jump-start your marketing efforts fast…even if you’ve stumbled before

Last year many of our clients experienced their best year ever! How is that possible when we are in the midst of the biggest recession our generation has ever faced?

It’s simple, they developed a game plan based on best practices and proven strategies and then they consistently took massive action! Notice I said it was “simple” not “easy.” The only “easy button” I have is sitting right beside my magic wand (I’ve found both of them work about the same).

There is no “easy” way to build a million dollar book of business, but if you’re willing to do the work we can show you the right path to take.

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