If you want to obtain higher rankings for your website and blog on Google, Bing and other search engines today, there are some things you should be doing online to optimize your sites for social search:

Add original, high quality content to your blog and other social media networks.  As I’ve said many times, Google loves fresh content!  However, it’s not enough for it just to be fresh – it also needs to be original and relevant, and you need to post frequently, at least 3-5 times a week.

Add social sharing to all your online activities.  Adding a “Share” capability to your E-newsletters, website, blog and social networking profiles will help boost your visibility in social search.

Establish a Google+ Profile.  Set up a Google+ profile and create links to all your social content.  You’ll need a profile on Google in order to use the new Google+1 button, which is Google’s answer to the Facebook “Like” button and is becoming more ubiquitous as awareness of its existence grows.

Use videos and photos.  Video and photo files are more likely to be shared online than text, so be sure your website, blog and social pages contain lots of these files.

Understand the importance of the now.  Google has decided that real-time information is more relevant and rewards content posted on real-time networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with higher search rankings.  If you are a Twitter user, activate your Twitter Location and use social check-ins on Facebook.


On-Demand Seminar: 5 Biggest Reasons Why Law Firms Fail

With the spectacular announcement of the biggest bankruptcy in law firm history, Dewey & LeBoeuf stunned the legal community. Now comes the work of dissecting what went wrong and how their competitors can avoid a similar fate.

When you order this new on-demand seminar, you will watch nationally recognized law firm marketing expert Stephen Fairley interview Donald Scarinci, Managing Partner of Scarinci Hollenbeck, one of the fastest growing mid-sized law firms on the East Coast and a nationally recognized thought leader on law firm management. They discuss:

  • The 5 biggest reasons why law firms fail and how you can avoid a similar fate
  • How fast growing firms can avoid the pitfalls that brought Dewey & LeBoeuf to its knees
  • How Scarinci Hollenbeck went from relying almost entirely on “word of mouth” marketing to being featured in the Wall Street Journal for their cutting edge approach to social media in less than 6 months
  • What Managing Partners and law firm administrators need to know now to compete
  • Marketing and managing your firm in today’s roller coaster economy
  • A “behind the scenes” case study of how Scarinci Hollenbeck has adapted to the new realities
  • Effective tools multi-attorney firms can use to market a variety of partners and practice areas

Order the on-demand seminar on Lessons From Dewey & LeBoeuf: 5 Biggest Reasons Why Law Firms Fail , watch it at your convenience and share it with your partners and associates.