The explosion of social media marketing has enabled law firms of all sizes to create more targeted and regular communications than ever with clients and prospects. While some firms have mastered the art, many are still struggling with ways to harness the power of social media to engage with clients.

However, what they may not realize is that the key to building connections with clients online is to start offline, taking your daily interactions with clients and building on them using social media and online marketing tools. Here’s how:

1. Create compelling client experiences. When you give outstanding client service, clients return and tell others about you.

2. Use email to connect directly with clients. After you’ve established an offline relationship, deepen it through consistent, relevant email marketing messages. Provide a useful monthly newsletter, and always offer them a way to opt-out.

3. Extend the conversation through social media. Take your relationship to the next level by engaging your contacts through social media, thereby extending your conversation to your client’s network of friends and family. 

The primary reason that social and online media can be so effective for law firms is because it is simply speeding up the traditional one-on-one relationship that marketers seek to have with customers. Since it is so targeted, your time and money is put to much more effective use in making those authentic connections that translate into retainers.


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