According to MailerMailer’s Email Marketing Metrics Report, email newsletters with short subject lines – no more than 15 characters – generate the highest open and click-through rates.

Based on an analysis of 1.4 billion emails sent in 2012, the report studied email open rates across 35 different industries, including legal. Here are the findings:

When it comes to click-through rates, the legal industry standard was 1.1%, which is not the lowest median rate across industries, but is in the lower third. The report also found that click rates increase with the number of links in an email:

Scheduling also has an effect on open and click rates. While Tuesdays and Wednesdays yielded the highest open rates, Sundays delivered the highest click rates. When it comes to time of day, the study found that messages delivered between the early evening and early morning had both better open and click rates.

Overall, the report concluded that:

Declining open and click rates may be due in part to the growing use of engagement metrics.

Recipients may check their messages at separate times from when they actually engage with them.

Personalization appears to be experiencing a comeback, perhaps related to the rise of predictive marketing.

Tuesday may be considered the most successful day in terms of overall recipient activity. It boasts the highest open rates and second highest click rates.

Sending more frequently resulted in a lower average bounce per send.

Messages scheduled for delivery between 4pm and 10am produced the best response in terms of highest open and click rates.


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