When it comes to doing business with an attorney, prospects only care about 3 things:

  1. The Benefits they receive because of your services
  2. The Value they perceive a relationship with you will bring
  3. The Results they achieve from your service

If you’re an estate planning attorney, don’t sell estate plans.  If you’re a divorce attorney, don’t focus on the types of family law services your firm provides.  If you’re a defense attorney, don’t focus on how many different types of crimes you can represent.

These are all features of your service. People don’t buy features. They buy benefits.

They buy solutions not service, because they expect everyone to have great service.

They buy other people’s experiences of your service.

They buy your credibility as presented by your marketing image.

They buy based on their emotions, but they want logical reasons to justify their decision.

And they buy guarantees and promises, so don’t make them if you can’t keep them.

Fundamentally, the reason why people or businesses seek out your law firm is because they have a problem and they are asking you, “Do you have a solution?”

That’s why your law firm marketing must focus on more than communicating just the features of your product or service.  You must make sure all your legal marketing efforts answer the questions that prospective clients are asking, not just give them a laundry list of everything you can do.


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