A recent HubSpot blog post noted that there are 2 million unique blog posts published every day – a huge amount of new content streaming onto the Web. So how can you compete effectively to ensure that your content gets the Google thumbs-up for the terms your prospects are using to find the legal services you offer?

While Google’s ever-changing search algorithm is always a closely guarded secret, Google has published guidelines for best practices and their instructions for creating quality content that will help you rise in the search ranks are fairly simple:

Write for people, not for search engines.

Don’t try to trick anyone. Use original content.

Be helpful to your readers.

Learn how to differentiate your site so it stands out from your competitors – what will people find unique, valuable and engaging about your site?

You can educate yourself more on Google’s guidelines for creating a website that will help them find, index and rank your site by visiting the Google Webmaster Guidelines page.


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