Today’s guest post is by Cindy Greenway, editor-in-chief at This article originally appeared on that site and has some good tips for attorneys who want to engage on Twitter but aren’t sure how to get started. — Stephen

"What Should I Tweet About?" is a common question attorneys ask when they decide to implement Twitter into their law firm social media marketing plan.

The first thing to remember is that your tweets should be valuable and informational.   You have 140 characters to make a statement, which may not feel like enough, but within no time you will find it easier to create short posts.

Here are 15 simple ideas that will help you come up with an steady stream of tweets.  You can also use these social media tips to inspire updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. Share and link to your blog posts.  You can tweet about these more than once.
  2. Share and link to your informational videos.  If you’re creating videos yet, it’s time to start!
  3. Share quotes that are relevant to your practice area.
  4. Link to another blog post that provides valuable content your readers will find helpful.
  5. Retweet another person’s tweet.
  6. Share a recent press release.
  7. Share an upcoming event that your readers may be interested in.
  8. Share details about an event you will be speaking at or attending.
  9. Share a link to interviews, podcasts or online radio shows you have participated in.
  10. Promote your own upcoming live or virtual event.
  11. Let people know that your e-newsletter has been published – tell them to read it or provide the link to sign up if they are not yet a subscriber.
  12. Share a link to a book that your readers will be interested in.
  13. Ask questions that you can blog about  — then tweet the blog post with the answer.
  14. Share a joke about your practice area.
  15. Let people know about a new tool you recently discovered or tested.

When you consistently post and engage via social media, you will see an increase in others also retweeting and sharing your posts.  This allows you to get in front of a broader audience who may start following you and also engaging with you on social media.

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