I ask a lot of attorneys this question: “What makes your firm different?” A vast majority give me the same answer: “We care about our clients.” 

You see where I am going with this, right? EVERY firm says it cares about its clients. That is not a legitimate way to differentiate your law firm.

What is a legitimate way to differentiate your firm is to micromanage the client experience. By this I mean focus on how your client experiences your law firm, and manage that experience from beginning to end.

Here’s a checklist for creating a unique and powerful experience for clients by treating them like VIPs (without spending a lot of money):

  1. Greet client/prospect by name when they walk into the office
  2. Have a relaxing, non-legal looking lobby
  3. Offer a beverage from a menu of drinks
  4. Conference room reserved with their name on it
  5. 5 minute wait rule in the lobby
  6. Staff acknowledgment and greeting
  7. No forms to fill out at the initial consultation
  8. Provide a bottle of water for the road
  9. Validate/pay for their parking
  10. Communication immediately after the initial consultation
  11. Regular email follow-up after they become a client
  12. Educational emails about the legal process for the first 90 days after they become a client
  13. Scheduled phone calls with paralegals to update the client about their case
  14. Monthly educational and informational e-newsletters
  15. Exit interviews with every client at the end of their matter

Too often, micromanagement is seen as a bad thing – but that is not the case when it comes to ensuring your clients have the best possible experience with your firm.   You not only want them to return and refer, you want the word on your good reputation to be spread via social media – this can only be accomplished by paying very close and careful attention to managing the experience your clients have with your firm.


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