A Search Engine Journal article recently took marketing agencies to task for failing clients in three major ways when it comes to social media marketing, providing some cautionary tales for law firm marketers.

At the Rainmaker Institute, we have spent the last decade working hard to provide legitimate social media marketing strategies to more than 10,000 attorneys nationwide and it always pains me to see law firms hire help that hurts instead. 

Just like many things in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things when it comes to social media.  And since the landscape is ever changing, marketers that don’t keep on top of the latest trends can do themselves and the clients they serve no small harm when they do it wrong.

The three surefire ways to fail at social media marketing include:

Set it and forget it.  Social media is just that:  social!  Which means you have to participate.  Just like you wouldn’t attend a networking function and sit in a corner saying nothing to no one, you can’t just throw up a page on Facebook or LinkedIn and call it a day.  At the Rainmaker Institute, we add new content to our social media pages and blog every day, respond to those who make a comment and always strive to engage our followers in a conversation.  This is what it’s all about.  If you just have a social media page for your law firm that is devoid of relevant, recent content, you are NOT engaged in social media marketing.  In fact, you are basically telling prospects you have nothing to say.

Post and hope.  As I’ve always said, hope is not a business strategy.  Simply putting up a post on your social media pages and hoping for the best means you have no goal for your social media marketing.  And with no goal, you have no program.   

Lack of meaningful goals.  The purpose of any marketing program is to deliver measurable results, whether that measurement is in terms of increased leads, sales or even improved SEO.  Too often, marketers fall in love with their number of “likes” and “+1s” without discerning if these really add anything to the bottom line.  We see social media as a means to an end, not as an end in and of itself – and the end should be more leads delivered through engaging on these forums.  It takes time and effort, but don’t most good things in life?


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