Yesterday in my post about how email marketing beats social media for client acquisition, I shared this chart from McKinsey & Co. consumer research:

You will note that the #1 channel for client acquisition is organic search.  And you can’t improve your organic search ranking without paying attention to SEO (search engine optimization). 

Thankfully for small firms and solos, SEO best practices have evolved past backlinking and coding to strategies that you have more control over – content marketing and social media participation.  Here are 5 things every law firm can do right now to improve SEO:

Optimize your law firm website.  You may want to hand this off to the experts, but you can actually do it yourself if you are willing to tinker under the hood a bit.  In fact, Moz has posted an excellent resource called The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0, a free download that covers everything that needs to be done to properly optimize a website. 

Blog.  Search engines crave fresh, relevant, compelling content and reward you with a better ranking if you provide it. 

Guest blog.  Having guests post on your blog and vice versa exposes you to a wider audience and gets others to do some of the heavy lifting for you in promoting your content.

Social media participation.  Use your social media network to promote and distribute your blog content.  This provides important social signals back to your website that are important when it comes to SEO. 

Monitor online reputation.  Online reviews are also becoming more important for SEO, so it’s critical that you Google yourself and your firm on a regular basis to monitor what is being said about you online.  Be sure to let happy clients know how much you would appreciate their recommendation online.


On-Demand Seminar: Knowing the Numbers That Run Your Law Firm

We are now providing one of our most popular seminars – Knowing the Numbers That Run Your Law Firm – in an on-demand format, so you can watch and learn at your convenience, as many times as you wish.

Over the last decade we have helped over 10,000 attorneys market and grow their business. During this time we have identified many of the key characteristics of highly successful law firms.

One of the more consistent ones is that they track specific numbers and key indicators that give them instant insight into how their law firm is performing on a weekly and monthly basis.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the numbers that make your law firm run. By analyzing these critical metrics, partners and owners of law firms can easily determine whether they are on track to achieve their goals or if they need to retool and refocus their marketing and business development efforts.

In this fast paced seminar, you learn:

  • How to easily identify the 12 key metrics your law firm needs to track and measure
  • How to set up a system to identify these numbers
  • The 7 critical systems every law firm must have
  • CPL and CPC: the 2 most important numbers every attorney must know in order to succeed
  • How to avoid “paralysis by analysis” and being overwhelmed by too much data
  • Delegating roles and responsibility to your staff
  • Using software to track your KPIs

If you’re a spreadsheet and data driven individual then you will love this seminar! However, if numbers scare you or you tend to ignore them because you have a hard time making heads or tails of all the different data you see, then this seminar is a “can’t miss” event!

We cut through the clutter and give you clear and easy to understand guidance on which numbers really matter the most, how to track this information, and what to do with it once you have it!

To get this on-demand seminar, click on this link: Knowing the Numbers That Run Your Law Firm