Probably one of the most frustrating things for law firms that invest time and money into content marketing is not seeing results…and by that I mean, immediate results. 

First of all, thinking that you can create content and then just sit back and watch while hundreds of prospects thirsty for this information will flock to you is just crazy.  Even if you have written outstanding, original content – and published consistently – there is no guarantee that you will see good results unless you put in the work to push it out there in front of folks.

Here are three steps you can employ to get your content noticed online:

Keep building your network.  When it comes to sales, the mantra is “ABC – Always Be Closing”.  But when it comes to content marketing, the mantra is “ABB – Always Be Building” – as in building your content library and your network of publishing outlets.  These publishers include other outlets that attract the same profile of readers as your target market and can be social media sites like LinkedIn, other bloggers in your space and online publications that are willing to publish you.  For example, my content is regularly published at the National Law Review site, on Avvo, on the Attorney at Law Magazine website and more attorney-focused websites.  This is a great way for you to get found online.

Make it easy to share.  Beyond putting share buttons on your website and blog, there are other ways to make your content easier to share by others.  These can include the formatting of your articles or posts to make them more reader friendly, including images that grab attention, creating infographics that tell your story, etc. 

Be unique.  Just like you have to differentiate your practice to rise above competitors, you also need to differentiate your content to do the same.  Don’t make the same point that everyone else is making – take a stand, be unique, adopt a different voice to attract an audience for your content.


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