We’ve just scheduled a new Rainmaker Retreat session for May 30-31, 2014 in Las Vegas, adding this to upcoming events in New York (March 27-28) and San Antonio (April 25-26).

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how much legal marketing information and training attorneys really receive at a Rainmaker Retreat, take a look at what we cover the first day:

SESSION 1: Achieving Expert Status as an Attorney

Position Yourself As A Specialist So You Become The Go-To Attorney

  • 5 proven strategies to position yourself as a specialist
  • Pros and cons of positioning yourself as a generalist and specialist
  • How to ethically position yourself as a specialist
  • How to avoid the most deadly mistake attorneys make
  • 4 solid tactics to position yourself as the “go-to attorney”

Identify Your Ideal Target Market So You Can Retain Ideal Clients

  • 5 incredible strategies to market to your ideal target market
  • 3 reasons why failing to define your target market will COST you big
  • Easy steps to successfully define your ideal target market
  • Step-by-step instructions to create your ideal target market
  • Break-out session to effectively define your ideal target market

Develop a Unique Competitive Advantage So You Can Crush Your Competition

  • 3 proven ways a Unique Competitive Advantage will put you ahead of your competition
  • What is your Unique Competitive Advantage
  • Top 5 ways to powerfully market your unique competitive advantage
  • How to attract top paying clients with your unique competitive advantage every time
  • Breakout session to develop a powerful unique competitive advantage for your firm

SESSION 2: Building a Strategic Referral Network

Business Development Strategies for Attorneys So You Can Grow Your Firm

  • Why it’s crucial to build relationships with other professionals
  • 3 powerful strategies to foster mutually beneficial relationships with referral sources
  • 7 Best practices for building referral partnerships
  • 5 Best practices for handling incoming referrals
  • How to successfully educate potential referral partners to increase your referrals
  • 4 great places to find strategic referral partners
  • 3 questions that allow you to quickly assess your partner’s potential
  • 5 powerful questions to land more referrals than ever before
  • The #1 reason why attorneys don’t receive more referrals and how to overcome it

SESSION 3: Micromanaging The Client Experience

Increase Client Retention & Referrals So You Can Have a Stream Of Qualified Leads

  • 7 Secrets of highly successful attorneys
  • 4 keys to micro-managing the client experience
  • Special touches that ‘wow’ the client
  • 3 specific ways to use the Internet to find more referrals
  • How to build collateral to take the client through the firm’s process
  • 3 easy ways to automate follow up and follow through
  • Client appreciation and why it’s so important
  • 7 strategies to strategically improve the client’s experience

SESSION 4: The Law of 7 Touches

Staying “Front Of Mind” Is a Must If You Want Clients, Referrals & Cash Flow

  • If you aren’t “front of mind” you are forgotten
  • How to effectively stay in contact with prospects, clients and referral partners
  • The power of an “E-Newsletter”
  • Why consistency and frequency are crucial if you want to build a word-of-mouth firm
  • 4 Top strategies to automatically connect with your database
  • Top 3 ways to build a database
  • Top 10 reasons why attorneys don’t think “e-newsletters” work and why they are wrong

SESSION 5: The Nuts & Bolts of Lead Conversion

Turning More Browsers Into Buyers At Every Conversion Stage

  • 5 stages of lead conversion you must improve to build a Lifestyle® Law Firm
  • Over 15 strategies to turn more browsers into buyers
  • 3 follow-up techniques that will set you apart from your competition
  • Discover why you may not need more leads
  • Cutting-edge lead conversion strategies to increase revenues

SESSION 6: The Power of The Internet

Build An Online Presence So You Can Leverage Your Time and Attract More Clients

  • Shocking statistics on how people select an attorney
  • 4 reasons why having a strong online presence is no longer an option
  • What online platforms are best if you are a business-to-consumer attorney
  • What online platforms are best if you are a business-to-business attorney
  • 5 reasons why social media must be part of your marketing strategy
  • What social media platforms are most useful to market your firm
  • Website do’s and don’ts
  • What are the best practices for blogging, videos, social media
  • What is education-based marketing and how can it grow your firm
  • The #1 fastest way to get to the top of Google
  • Cutting-edge email strategies to grow your firm
  • How to leverage social media and gain clients
  • Top traits Google is looking for when ranking your site
  • The changing game of search engines
  • Top 10 deadly mistakes attorneys make with their websites
  • 5 easy ways to make sure your site comes up high for the keywords you want
  • 4 proven ways to drive more traffic to your website

Each Rainmaker Retreat is two full days with 10 informative sessions, all geared toward small firms and solo practitioners to help you learn and use proven legal marketing strategies to get more clients now.

To learn more about the Rainmaker Retreat and what attending one can do for your practice, visit www.rainmakerretreat.com or call us at 888-588-5891.