Longtime legal marketer Larry Bodine (LarryBodine.com) sat down with LawMarketing.com Editor-in-Chief Cindy Greenway earlier this week to talk about corporate journalism, something he knows a lot about.

“Corporate journalism” is the new buzz phrase that was touted in the recent 2014 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, conducted by Greentarget, ALM Legal Intelligence and Zeughauser Group, as the best way for attorneys to connect with clients.

There is nothing magic about corporate journalism – it’s applying journalistic principles to your writing, on your website and your blog.  It involves focusing on your target audience and telling a story in an engaging way that relates the facts and also demonstrates your complete understanding of your subject matter by the way you tell your story.

Larry gives some good tips on how to put on the journalist’s hat when it comes to developing your content:


To be a good storyteller, you need to hone in on the important details that bring life to your words and write in a way that makes your point easy to understand for your audience.  The law can be a dry thing, but at the heart of it is human emotion and conflict that can be mined for content gold.


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