While most of our clients would rather watch paint dry than delve into all the information out there on Google’s algorithm, I do know a few attorneys who love to dig into the technical details to understand what will help their websites earn that all-important first page search ranking.  So this post is for them.

Digital marketing agency Single Grain and SEO company Backlinko scoured the web for mentions of Google ranking factors, then aggregated all their results in the nifty info graphic you can find here.

Just a cursory review gives you an idea of the complexity of SEO practice today. Brian Dean, Backlinko founder, provides his input on the 10 most important ranking factors:

  1. Keyword in the beginning of your title tag.
  2. Length of content (pages with more than 1500 words rank highest)
  3. Page loading speed
  4. Prominence and positioning of keywords
  5. Authority of your page (determined by links to and from)
  6. Domain authority
  7. Relevancy of your links
  8. How much time visitors spend on your page
  9. Responsive web design (optimized for mobile)
  10. Original content

Take a few minutes to read through all the ranking factors and I’ll bet you can find at least 5 things you can do right now to improve your SEO.


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