At the Rainmaker Institute, we have established a working process for lead conversion that is being used successfully by thousands of attorneys across the country.  It begins with understanding the five stages of lead conversion:

  1. The number of leads that come into your firm.
  2. The number of leads that make appointments.
  3. The number of appointments who actually show up for a consultation.
  4. The number of appointments who sign up for your legal services at the initial consultation.
  5. The number of appointments who sign up at some later time after the initial consultation.

To be effective at lead conversion requires intervention and follow-up at every stage.  The way you follow up during each stage will determine how quickly and effectively you are able to move someone along from becoming a lead to a paying client. 

The most effective follow-up tools include phone calls, a regular schedule of emails that help move them along the decision-making process, and e-newsletters that keep you top-of-mind.  Here are some specific strategies you should implement to improve your conversion rate at every stage of the process:

Stage 1 – Stage 2: 7 Ways to Triple Your Appointments

  1. Institute a “5 Minute Follow-up Rule.”
  2. Never make an attorney responsible for follow up!
  3. Train a staff person at first. When you get over 30-50 leads per month, hire a dedicated intake specialist.
  4. Give staff person a performance bonus to set appointments who show up.
  5. Call a minimum of 5-7 times before giving up.
  6. Script every voicemail, test results and verify calls are being made.
  7. Send 4-5 educational emails via autoresponder, in addition to the calls.

Stage 2 Stage 3: 8 Ways to Improve “Show Ups”

  1. Send an immediate email confirmation with the details.
  2. Include a map, driving directions and photo of your building in your email.
  3. Send a “shock and awe package” in the mail.
  4. Have a staff person call them the day before and the day of the appointment.
  5. Call them 10 minutes after they don’t show up to reschedule.
  6. Never be rude or mean if they don’t show. Assume something happened in their life that prevented them from coming.
  7. Call a minimum of 5-7 times after missed appointment before giving up.
  8. Send 4-5 autoresponder emails in addition to calls.

Stage 3 Stage 4: 6 Ways to Sign Up More People at the Initial Consult

  1. Ensure quality control during the initial consult.
  2. Role-play with staff and train them how to overcome objections.
  3. Consider not having attorneys do the initial consults.
  4. Emphasize how you are different from your competitors.
  5. Empathize over their situation! Pay attention to their emotions.
  6. Directly ask for the business. Make it clear you want their business.

Stage 4 Stage 5: 4 Ways to Convert More Prospects After the Initial Consult

  1. Send an email immediately after the “No Hire” event asking them why they didn’t buy.
  2. Have a staff person call the day after the “No Hire.”
  3. Have a staff person call 4-5 more times afterwards to encourage them to come back into the office.
  4. Send 4-5 autoresponder emails in addition to calls.

If you really want to make your lead generation efforts pay dividends, you simply must become better at lead conversion.  It is probably one of the least expensive yet most financially rewarding things you can do to boost your revenues.


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