Is your firm full of Superstars?  I learned some time ago that hiring Superstars is the key to positive, steady growth and am proud that we have built our company together into the nation’s leading law firm marketing company.

I could not have done this by myself.  And you can’t get the lifestyle law firm you’ve always wanted by yourself either.  You need Superstars in your organization to make this happen.

Here are the measurements I use to ensure my company is staffed with Superstars at every level:

Every person must either make the company money or save the company money. A Superstar does both!  A Superstar also:

Consistently takes the initiative! They don’t wait for other people to step up, when they see a problem, they become the solution; when they perceive a gap, they look to fill it!

Has a bias for taking action! If they have a choice between sitting still and doing nothing or waiting for someone else versus taking action, even if it’s a small step forward, they consistently have a bias for action.

Arrives early, stays late, and always asks, “What else can I do to help?”

Builds powerful relationships with every person they come into contact with and makes such a positive impression on that person they want to share their experience with others.

Knows that motion creates emotion. They get into motion and move forward because they know that taking positive action will create positive emotions.

Takes personal responsibility for their actions and never seeks to shift the blame.

Believes in the power of the team and is willing to give credit where credit is due.

Always shows respect for other team members, their opinions, their skill sets, and what they bring to the company. They work to build positive relationships with other team members.

Values different perspectives and opinions! They are able to clearly articulate logical reasons for their decisions, but are willing to listen to other people’s perspectives.

Is well balanced. They are not a drama queen, a whiner, or a complainer and they do not tolerate this kind of behavior in others.

Seeks to be a positive influence on team members and their environment.

Looks for creative solutions to challenging problems.

Consistently sets high goals for themselves and consistently achieves these goals.

Knows their numbers—the key metrics that make them a success in their position.

Effectively manages projects they are responsible for and is willing to be held accountable for the results.

Consistently follows up with prospects, potential partners, clients, and team members.

Is always reliable!

Invests in themselves by seeking out opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge so they are more valuable to the company, clients, and prospects.

Always gives the team more than they take or ask for. They find meaningful ways to consistently contribute to the team and the company and give more to others than they ask for others to give to them.

Studies show that companies with happy employees are 12% more productive and 20% more profitable than those with unhappy employees.  Once you have a group of Superstars working for you, you will never want to lose them, so be sure they are kept continually motivated and rewarded for all the good work they do for you. 


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