I am not a shy person, but even I was blushing when I received a glowing review on my LinkedIn page from an attorney who attended our Miami Rainmaker Retreat a couple of weeks ago.

I share it here not solely to toot my own horn, but to demonstrate how attending our two-day marketing seminar can reignite your passion for your practice:

"I attended the Rainmaker Retreat in Miami. Stephen is the very best speaker and motivator that I have ever met. His seminar was more valuable than anything I attended before, even more valuable than the sales and marketing seminars that I attended when I was with IBM. Stephen is brilliant. His staff is nearly that good too. Without a doubt, I believe that implementing his strategies and approach will increase my business and aid me in growing my practice and double or more the revenue that my firm generates.

“His seminar is so good that I expect to attend it again in a few years to pick up anything that I missed during this seminar and to improve upon what I will have implemented from the first seminar. He even offers services to help you implement his systems more quickly. Do not wait. You should sign up and attend his next seminar. However, I ask that you not do it in the same area geographical area where I practice. Simply put, I have never attended anything more valuable than the Rainmaker Retreat!” Jack Merritt, Merritt Law, P.A., Osprey, FL

We have three more Rainmaker Retreats scheduled for 2014:

October 17-18, 2014 — Las Vegas, NV

November 14-15, 2014 — New York, NY

December 5-6, 2014 — Los Angeles, CA

You can register online for a Rainmaker Retreat or call 888-588-5891 for more informationNational Trial Lawyers members receive a discount. Please contact National Trial Lawyers at 866-665-2852 to receive the discount code.


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