The U.S. Supreme Court has a longstanding ban on cameras inside its courtroom, which is apparently a pet peeve of John Oliver, the British comedian who hosts his own weekly news show on HBO called “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

As Oliver notes during his five-minute rant on the high court camera ban, “What happens in the Supreme Court is way too important not to pay attention to.” He says that the current use of audio and courtroom sketches that he finds profoundly dull prevent people from being interesting in following Supreme Court arguments that could have a profound affect on their lives.

Oliver’s solution is to make it interesting and his way of doing that are quite unique.  See for yourself:


So what can you take away from this (besides a good laugh)?  To engage people, you need to make what you are doing interesting.  When it comes to your website, video is a much better choice than static pictures (usually stock photos that have nothing to do with your practice) and words.

And don’t be afraid of using a little levity when it’s appropriate.  Humor is one of the best ways to interest people in getting to know you better. 


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