Square-Badge-LargeEarlier this week, Legal Talk Network’s Christopher Anderson interviewed TRI CEO Stephen Fairley on law firm intake and lead conversion on his podcast, The Un-Billable Hour.

Most law firms have no idea of how to implement an intake and lead conversion process that truly delivers results.  In fact, many law firms are completely uneducated about what it takes to convert leads into paying clients.

When you listen to this podcast, you will discover:

  • How you should be defining intake and lead conversion for your law firm
  • 3 guaranteed ways to double your revenues in the next 12 months (and which one costs less and works best)
  • Tips from Stephen’s experience with “secret-shopping” more than 1,000 law firms
  • Why law firms are not as great at lead conversion as they think
  • The 5 stages of lead conversion you need to know
  • The most common mistakes law firms make in lead conversion
  • How you can increase your conversion rates by 50% to 300%
  • The #1 key to being successful at lead conversion
  • How fixing your follow-up will fix your cash flow
  • Why tracking is key to lead conversion success
  • How what you don’t know is really hurting you
  • How to sign up for a secret shopping experience for your law firm

You can click on this link to listen to Christopher Anderson’s interview with Stephen Fairley online; it’s free and Stephen’s advice is invaluable.


GrowthLadder copy7 Strategies for a 7-Figure Law Firm

If you’re like many of the attorneys I speak with every week:

You’ve been practicing over 10 years, you own a small firm with a handful of staff, you work hard month after month, but you never seem to get ahead.

You’ve tried all the traditional methods of marketing your law firm, but so far nothing seems to work very well.

You have goals, dreams and ambitions, but after all these years you’re still struggling to break or consistently break the million dollar mark…and every once in a while you wonder if it’s really worth it all.

I need to tell you from one business owner to another-the skills that helped you build a good 6-figure practice are not the same skills you will need to build a great 7-figure business.

So if you’re tired of beating your head against the wall and you’re ready to take a fresh look at how to break out of the negative cycle you’re stuck in then you really owe it to yourself to attend this webinar.

Watch and discover:

  • What it really takes to build a 7-figure law firm — no hype and no b.s.
  • Insider tips from managing partners running multi-million dollar firms
  • How to position yourself as a recognized expert and attract higher quality clients
  • 3 biggest reasons why you’re not getting more referrals and how to overcome these hurdles
  • The 2 things every Million Dollar Law Firm has in place (you will never achieve 7-figure revenues without both of these)
  • 2 key metrics you must measure every month if you want to grow your law firm

Click on this link now to access the online webinar, 7 Strategies for a 7-Figure Law Firm.