Email Marketing for Attorneys:  How to Create a Professional Newsletter in Just 45 Minutes a MonthYou’ve been meaning to do it.  You’ve maybe seen some from your competitors, or you’ve realized how the ones you get actually provide you with useful information you’re interested in getting.

I’m talking about e-newsletters.  And if you have not launched one yet for your law firm, you are really missing out on a fabulous, low-cost way to stay engaged with your current clients, past clients and potential clients.

Newsletters are great for solos and small law firms because they:

Are cheap and easy.  Using an email marketing service like Constant Contact to create and send your monthly e-newsletters costs only $35 per month if you have fewer than 2,500 people on your list.  They have scads of free templates from which to choose, and you can customize those to feature your name and logo, your photos and even video.

Foster relationships and loyalty.  How many times have you chastised yourself for not keeping in touch with referral sources on a regular basis?  Sending out a monthly newsletter does that job for you.  It helps keep you top-of-mind with your referral sources and past clients, many of which may not have thought of you otherwise when a legal issue arose.

Allow you to track engagement.  Email marketing services have tools that let you know exactly who opened and read your newsletter, and if they clicked on any links within the content.  This helps you figure out what people find the most interesting so you can refine your efforts every month.

Help you project a professional image.  Newsletters help you project a professional, high quality image for your marketing efforts.  You can even create templates that match your website to help solidify your branding in prospects’ minds.

We have a free on-demand webinar entitled, “The Automatic Newsletter:  How to Get Your Newsletter Done In Just 45 Minutes a Month”Watching it takes only an hour, and you will learn:

  • Exactly WHY a newsletter packs such a powerful punch for your marketing dollars.
  • A proven strategy for producing a newsletter that will make it fun and easy to make, and keep, your monthly commitment.
  • A template you can begin to use right away to produce a monthly newsletter that will get noticed and appreciated.
  • An actual case study to help you get your newsletter DONE in less than 20 minutes each month.
  • The real world ROI of newsletters as a proven staple of your marketing campaign.

Simply click on this link to register for our free on-demand webinar, “The Automatic Newsletter:  How to Get Your Newsletter Done In Just 45 Minutes a Month”

Now you have no more excuses for not starting your law firm newsletter right away!