email marketing mistakes to avoidThere are a number of skeptics in the legal world who question the effectiveness of email marketing. Whenever an attorney comes to me and tells me that they’ve sent a newsletter in the past, but found it to be ineffective, I know they did something wrong.

Here are some cardinal mistakes you need to avoid:

Frequency – A newsletter isn’t an annual update. You need to send 12 newsletters per year to be effective.

Length – Your newsletter needs to be interesting and to the point. People are too busy to read lengthy pieces. Keep it to less than two pages.

Tracking – If you aren’t using an email service like Constant Contact – and checking the statistics – then you are wasting your time. Whatever you do, do not send it as an attachment via Microsoft Outlook. People are very skeptical about viruses hiding out in attachments these days.

Expectations – If you are expecting to receive a sudden influx of phone calls, you need to adjust your thinking. In general, it takes six months of consistent newsletters before you start to see results.

The benefits are obvious and the risks nearly non-existent. I highly recommend you start your monthly e-newsletter campaign as soon as possible, and a new calendar year is the best time to put this new communication method into practice!

To help you get your newsletter started, I recently recorded a webinar on How to Get Your Newsletter Done in 45 Minutes a Month. See below for details on how to access it for free.


The Automatic Newsletter:  How to Get Your Newsletter Done in Just 45 Minutes a Month

An “old fashioned” newsletter is still among the most profitable and reliable ways to generate a predictable flow of potential new and recurring clients.  Your firm’s newsletter can be inexpensive, reliable…and when done right, a welcomed (not a pesky) form of marketing for your clients.

What if there was an easy and reliable way to get your newsletter done in JUST 45 minutes a month? That’s LESS TIME than it will take you to watch this information-packed webinar, where you will learn:

  • Exactly WHY an “old fashioned” newsletter packs such a powerful punch for your marketing dollars.
  • A proven strategy for producing a newsletter that will make it fun and easy to make, and keep, your monthly commitment.
  • A template you can begin to use right away to produce a monthly newsletter that will get noticed and appreciated.
  • An actual case study to help you get your newsletter DONE in less than 20 minutes each month.
  • The real world ROI of newsletters as a proven staple of your marketing campaign.

To access the recording of this webinar, just follow this link:  The Automatic Newsletter:  How to Get Your Newsletter Done in Just 45 Minutes a Month.