Digital research firm comScore is just out with their 2015 U.S. Digital Future in Focus report, which details how Americans are currently interacting with technology and consumed media. Here is an overview of the findings that can help inform your law firm marketing efforts:


Over the past four years, digital media consumption has grown 394% on smartphones and 1,721% on tablets. However, the desktop is not dead — its usage has grown 37% over the same time period. What this says is that Americans are expanding their use of ALL devices, engaging with multiple screens throughout the day.

How Americans are Consuming Digital Media Today


At the end of 2014, U.S. smartphone penetration was at 75% and has been growing at a rate of 16% annually. Apple and Android share 95% of that market.

Social Media

Facebook remains the 800 lb. gorilla with an 81% reach of the total digital population. Time spent on Facebook is 18x more than any other social network. Google+ has a 38% reach, LinkedIn is at 37% and Twitter at 36%. Here is the demographic breakdown of who is spending time on the top social sites, by age group:



While mobile video viewing is on the rise, desktop viewing is still #1. Nearly 7 of 8 Americans watch online video, and more than half of those watch every day. YouTube remains the #1 destination and video platform with the most engagement.



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