The Best Lead Generation Strategy for Lawyers People use the Internet for one main purpose: to find information. This simple fact is the compelling reason why the best lead generation strategy for law firms is education marketing.

When people have legal problem, research tells us that they turn to the Internet first looking for answers. This is especially true for those with legal problems who want to protect their privacy. No one is going to tell family and friends about their DUI unless they have to. People thinking about divorce want facts about how the process works in their state. Anyone with a criminal complaint probably wants to keep that under wraps as well.

So the Internet becomes a safe place to get answers. It has no judgment.

These potential clients are not necessarily looking to the Internet to hire someone right away. They are still looking for answers. And when they find content that speaks directly to their problem and provides answers they can understand, they are likely to jot down the source of that information.

If that attorney’s website has a free report or how-to guide that addresses their particular problem, they are likely to download it in exchange for providing their email address. Bam. A lead.

Here are four proven elements of a well-crafted free report, how-to guide or other educational giveaway:

Addresses issues that people really care about – Remember, clients may not care about legal precedents, but they are very likely to care about how to save money during a divorce.

Uses layman’s language – If they are being completely honest, most people would tell you they prefer reading USA TODAY to the New York Times. While the NYT is a serious paper for serious people, USA today is interesting at the individual level, and it’s written in an easy-to-read format.

Builds credibility for your law firm – Don’t miss this opportunity to share client quotes or real life results you’ve gained for your clients.

Includes a call to action – By the end of the report, the prospective client should be interested enough to take the next step, whether that is going to your website for more information, or signing up for your newsletter.

Education marketing is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of lawyers. There is a vast amount of basic information you know that prospects want. And there are a number of tools available for you to disseminate this information to them — free reports, guides, articles, blogs, etc.

This kind of free educational information is a great tool you can use to start building relationships with many people who need your help but aren’t ready to walk in your door. It is not enough simply to offer people a free consultation. Almost every lawyer does that. Take it one step further and give them some great information that will help them think through the issues and challenges they are facing.


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