The Top 10 Deadly Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Make I know that lawyers are busy people, and one of the great frustrations I hear about every day from attorneys that attend our Rainmaker Retreat law firm marketing boot camp is how difficult it is to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and new opportunities.

The fact is, social media is like any other marketing tool and if you don’t use it right — by developing and executing a plan and following up — it is not going to work.

If you’re just out there winging it when it comes to social media, you may be making one or more of what I call the Top 10 Deadly Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Make:

  1. No clear objectives and specific goals.
  2. Too short of a time frame — social media is a long-term play of building relationships, not a “get rich quick” scheme.
  3. No budget allocated — most social networks are free, but you either have to do it yourself or you have to pay someone else to do it for you.
  4. No responsibility or accountability – not assigning social media marketing responsibilities to specific individuals and holding them accountable for results.
  5. No tracking of results.
  6. No blueprint of what works and what doesn’t so you waste time on strategies and tactics that don’t pay off for you.
  7. Only using one social media network — most attorneys prefer the business focus of LinkedIn, but more consumers are on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t try to just use one — you need to experiment with all of them to see where you get the best ROI.
  8. Not using social media to build your database –contacts are leads, and social media provides some great ways to build your contact list by pushing out calls-to-action to download a free report, attend a free webinar, etc.
  9. Not taking your social media contacts “offline” – the fortune is in the follow-up!
  10. Outsourcing your social media marketing to an individual or firm that doesn’t have experience working with attorneys – it is important for lawyers who outsource their social media programs to ensure those executing the programs understand and abide by the rules and regulations attorneys must adhere to in their marketing.

The bottom line with social media is that – like most things in life – what you get out of it is directly related to the effort you put into it.


Learn Proven Lead Conversion & Social Media Lead Generation Strategies at May 6 Law Firm Marketing Seminars in Boca RatonLearn Proven Lead Conversion & Social Media Lead Generation Strategies at May 6 Law Firm Marketing Seminars in Boca Raton

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The Secrets to Using Social Media as an Effective Lead Generation Tool 

Social media is a hot topic in legal marketing, yet many attorneys report that “it doesn’t work.” In this eye-opening session you will discover:

  • Top 5 reasons why most social media doesn’t work for attorneys and how to change that
  • How to apply the proven Rainmaker Social Media Blueprint™
  • Top trends in social media and where it’s going so you can be ahead of your competition
  • 10 steps to jumpstart your efforts on LinkedIn and build your referral network
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  • How to leverage your content marketing into your social media platform

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