How to Move from a Job to a Law Practice to Building a BusinessMany attorneys in small law firms continue to struggle year after year, finding just enough clients to keep them busy, but are never able to move their practice up to the next level.

There are 29 million American small businesses today.  Less than 10% of them will ever break the $1 million revenue mark.  Fewer than 4% will break $10 million.  This means that more than 90% of “small businesses” are really just people who are self-employed and trapped by their own job.

That means if you go on vacation, business stops. Work consumes you and you never find the balance you need to live a full life.

In my recent interview with Lawpreneur Radio podcast host Miranda McCroskey, I talk about the three stages of growth for law firms, the ingredients for moving from a job to a law practice, and the three keys for taking your practice and building a 7-figure business.

Listening to these 27 minutes can change the way you think about your legal practice and open your eyes to building a lifestyle law firm:



This is just one of the four talks I’ll be giving at the event of the year for California solo and small firm practitioners: The State Bar of California’s Solo & Small Firm Summit on June 18-20, 2015, at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa in Newport Beach, California.

I’ll also be speaking on:

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You can register online by visiting The State Bar of California’s Solo & Small Firm Summit home page or call 415-538-2508 for more information.