6 Steps to Find More Clients & Close More BusinessProbably the #1 ask I get from attorneys is to help them find more clients.

Of course, finding new clients is a process, comprised of many steps that you need to master before you reach the ultimate reward: a paying client.

You must also understand the ways you can influence prospects throughout the process so your firm becomes their eventual choice.

Every prospect you encounter goes through an internal decision-making process before they decide to hire you.

You can either be a passive participant in this process (and lose them to a competitor) or you can become a guide and lead them through the logical process of earning their business and closing the deal.

Consciously taking the prospect through a powerful 6-step process can systematically lead them to decide that hiring you is the best choice they can make.

During this insightful webinar, you will discover:

  • A 6 step process to generate more revenue and referrals
  • How to identify your perfect clients
  • Ways to better position your services in a compelling way that demands higher fees than your competitors
  • When and how to get testimonials and how to use them effectively
  • 3 bulletproof closing techniques

Click here now to access this one-hour seminar on the 6 Powerful Steps to Find More Clients & Close More Business and watch it at your convenience.